Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BN sponsored phantom voters

What is phantom voter? Phantom voter is a person who is not residing in a parliamentary or state constituency but who is a voter in that constituency. A phantom voter is also considered not a local or a person who is born and bred in that particular area. A phantom voter is also seen as a stranger in that particular area and could have never been to the said area unless there is an election going on. Phantom voters are normally heavily sponsored by the BN via offers of cash, valuables and benefits like free transportation, food, lodgings, accommodations as well as limited shopping incentives for their votes cast in each electoral constituencies.

Well, a very large number of phantom voter were discovered by PKR elections operations team recently confirming that a housing estate was fully infested by these phantom voters believed to have been implanted by BN and Umno in order for them to gain additional and more votes in the by-election or general elections.

What did the PKR members actually found? A particular single storey terrace house with only three rooms situated in a “Taman” housed about sixty (60) over people in it, but upon checking with the actual residents who were staying there, they are no such persons residing there and they do not even know who are all those sixty over persons listed in the electoral list. So these sixty over people with an address situated at a single storey terrace house with only three rooms are definitely call Phantom voters. Why? Because they are actually not genuine voters and they do not even belong to that constituency.

And whenever such allegations arise, BN and Umno are quick to deny it, because they already got their backings from the Election Commission (EC) as well. The EC in order to assist BN and Umno, often view such claims as non-existence. The EC instead twisted the facts by saying that “ghosts” are wondering souls of dead persons and there is no such thing of “ghosts” being able to vote. They are all in fact trying to cover-up facts and confuse the people on the definition of phantom voter.

Now let us shift our attention to Umno. During their party’s divisional and branch elections held last year, they are a lot of allegations by their own local party leaders and members that phantom voters exist in their divisional and branch levels too. And the Umno top leaders never deny the existence of phantom voter inside their party and in fact some even acknowledged that phantom voters did really exist in their party by saying that such happenings are common in their party politics.

As such, you could see the chain reaction here, if money politics exist in Umno, there are sure to have phantom voters in the party as well. And these party phantom voters are also given the same exclusive treats like what BN is giving to the electoral phantom voters when there is a general or by-elections.

No matter how much BN and Umno firmly denying the existence of phantom voters, we all know the facts and figures. We all know who is actually cheating us all these while. They are doing these just because they are the federal government and had their control over the related authorities and departments which are able to assist them in such manipulations.

That is why we must reject BN, Umno, money politics, corruptions and phantom voters at all cost.

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