Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BN (Umno) rebels move to oust Terengganu MB

Malaysiakini ~ 10 BN (Umno) backbenchers did not turn up at Terengganu state assembly sitting today in a move related to their bid to oust Menteri Besar Ahmad Said.

Then later today, the 10 BN (Umno) rebels who ‘boycotted’ the Terengganu state assembly sitting yesterday, turned up at the morning sitting today after being warned by Umno president Najib Razak that stern action would be taken against them.

It seems that the rebellion had failed to materialised because of the threat from the party's top leadership and those rebels have to bow down in order to maintain their positions and wealth.

Anyway, this is Umno's civil war and if they want to fight, just let them hate, hate, fight, fight and fight to their last drop of blood. They are all fond of these.

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