Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can Umno really change?

Based on the recently concluded by-elections, we had saw, heard and witnessed the election campaigns of Umno and its BN component parties.

Their campaign styles were all conservative, outdated and irrelevant. In fact none of their activities impress the people. Same old topics, repeated from during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s and Tun Abdul Razak’s era.

Umno and their BN lackeys always talk about race instead of respect, development instead of democracy, faith instead of friendship and finally treason instead of trust.

In fact, their campaigning activities had already shown that their maturity after ruling our nation for about 52 years is still zero. They still cannot realize what are their mistakes and irrelevance after ruling this nation for so long.

Just simply one basic example and this they had repeatedly failed despite their so-called “post mortem”. The Umno campaigns in the Malay areas, their MCA colleagues are assigned to campaign in Chinese areas and townships while MIC was send into Indian dominated areas, telling the same old stories over and over again all the time. Umno calling for Malay unity, MCA calling for Chinese unity and MIC talked about Indian unity. Just what kind of unity are all these?

When Umno campaigns, they talk about race and comes hatred, after that warning, then police report lodged against this and that. They actions seem to be very revengeful all the time. They are always very angry all the time.

MCA will talk about development, education, building roads and organizing free dinners for the people, while MIC continues with its usual “tanahair kita” theme, which was often mentioned by Samy Vellu.

This means Umno and its BN colleagues had already ran out of ideas. They did not have any new and reform programs for the people or they are just denying all these because if they renew and reform, they are afraid they might lose their positions and powers that they had being with it for so long.

Umno and BN are afraid of respect, democracy, friendship and trust as all these criteria will certainly jeopardize their positions and powers that they had been enjoying 52 years ago. They wanted to hold on as long as possible in order to accumulate more wealth.

Therefore, competency, accountability, transparency, justice, equality, democracy and freedom will one day wipe out both Umno and its BN component parties naturally. It will come soon.

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