Monday, April 13, 2009

Seven who took part in human rights march to know fate on 16 April

Seven people, including four lawyers, will know if they are to enter into defense for the charge of taking part in an illegal assembly in a human rights day march two years ago.

According to the prosecution and the police, the seven who were charged are disrupting public harmony at that time. We wish to question the authorities, what kind of activities had these people done to disrupt public harmony and did they do it? Can the authorities prove it? This is political motivated. Just because they are against BN-Umno government’s ketuanan style of reign supreme over oour people, the authorities are quick to arrest these innocent people who merely wanted their rights and voice heard. They wanted things to be cover-up from the public.

And the defense attorneys, who are representing the seven had their strong good reasons, it was a peaceful walk and did not disrupt nor provoke anyone. The gathering was merely a remembrance to those who observe the human rights day. It was the authorities who had provoked the entire situation so it became unruly and the police could march in start making unwarranted arrest.

This is clearly a violation of human rights.

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