Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Karpal Singh was charged? The Umno racists are spared!

DAP National Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor Karpal Singh was charged in the court recently under the Sedition Act 1948 for calling on the Sultan of Perak to be taken to court for his recognition onto the Perak Umno rebel state government which was established following the coup d’etat initiated by Umno.

Karpal was merely giving his opinion on the way the Sultan of Perak had managed the constitutional crisis in the state. In 1993 Umno under the then leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohammad had openly sought to reduce the powers of the Malay Rulers and to curb their royal immunity as well by initiating the amendment to the federal constitution. Then Umno at that time also supported the establishment of a special court in order to hear grievances forwarded by the people against the Rulers.

So it was Umno then under the leadership of Dr Mahathir who had abolished the immunity of the Malay Rulers in order to pave way for the people to comment, constructively criticize and to allow Rulers to be taken to a special court should any grievances arise.

Last year, when the then Bukit Bendera Umno division chairman Ahmad Ismail called our Malaysian Chinese as “pendatang” and “penduduk sementara”, numerous police reports has been made against him and there are many people who urge the authorities to charge him in the court for his seditious and racist acts which could harm the national unity of our nation.

But the police only accepted the reports and just threw it into the waste paper bins and forget about it. This is because Ahmad Ismail was a prominent Umno leader who had close connections with the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. That is why the police dare not act against him even if his remarks and statements were seditious and racist which could endanger the national security of this nation.

So does former Selangor Umno mentri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, who provoked a racial outbreak in the state by accusing Selangor State Executive Councillor Teresa Kok of organizing petitions against the Muslims for their loud azans at the mosque. A number of police reports were made against Khir Toyo for inciting racial hatred in this manner, but the police again failed to act or charge him in the court for his seditious and racist statements.

When Karpal Singh was speaking of justice and carried out his duty to defend and champion the democratic principles for the people, he was immediately hauled up into the court to be charged under Sedition Act 1948. What kind of justice is this? As long as Umno rules and dominates, there will be no justice at all to anyone of us.

When Perak Umno initiated a coup d’etat to topple the Perak state government their actions were immediately legalized as correct. When Perak Umno established the rebel state government, and the Sultan of Perak accidently and mistakenly recognized it, we were all condemned as traitors and alleged that we had committed treason just because we try to correct the wrong and we insisted that there is a constitutional crisis in Perak.

Again during the Umno general assembly few years back, a large number of party delegates in their speeches had called on their party leaders to wage war on our Malaysian Chinese community, but no action was taken by the police to have all these racist and violent culprits detained and charged in the court for their subversive activities. The police were afraid of them because Umno is very powerful.

If changes are not made now, maybe one day we could see the entire institution of this country being Umnonized. Soon, there will be an Umno police force, an Umno military force, an Umno attorney-general, an Umno supreme court, an Umno constitution, and everything that is Umno or it might be worst with an Umno monarch having absolute power ruling over us.

Right now, we could even see that the basic institution in our country’s administration has been collectively Umnonized without our knowledge or without ourselves realizing it that such dangerous moves had been systematically organized.

Therefore, if we as rakyat do not do something right now to uphold justice and unity, our generations to come will not be able to live in this country anymore as Malaysians. We as Malaysians must act now to stop Umno from further destroying our nation.

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