Friday, March 6, 2009

It was Umno who had confused the people

An Umno vice president and Melaka chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam had recently said that PKR and PAS are disrespecting the Malay rulers, the Malay rights and creating confusions among Malaysians and said that it was because of PKR and PAS, DAP is now insulting the sultans and touching on sensitive issues and their leader behaving like “kurang ajar”.

From the statement made by Ali Rustam, it shows that he is frustrated because the people had begun to abandon Umno and BN in a very large move and he could feel it. That is why he is frustrated and uttered the word “kurang ajar” on PKR, PAS and DAP leaders for their roles in letting facts known to the people.

Umno is worried that the people would one day know the entire truth. That is why they are trying to cover up their misdeeds by blaming the Pakatan Rakyat of confusing the people. It was actually Umno who is confusing the people, because they are in control of all the mass medias and newspapers, where Pakatan Rakyat did not even have full access to these channels.

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