Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 bloggers charged in court

6 bloggers were hauled up by the police recently and charged in the court for alleged “insult” of the Sultan of Perak over the Umno’s coup d’etat in Perak.

The 6 bloggers who were charged in the court were actually trying to inform the public and the people the truth and facts on the crisis and to expose Umno’s political terrorism. As such, these bloggers were not guilty.

Umno via its police force hauled up these bloggers because they were afraid that these blogger will eventually expose their wrongdoings to the people. Umno is afraid that the truth will prevail and in order to cover up their misdeeds, they instructed their police force to act against the bloggers so the other bloggers will be afraid to voice their opinions and truth.

Umno is in a denial mode, they refused to accept the fact that they had became irrelevant and the people no longer support their policies and supremacist ideas.

We strongly believe that the rest of the bloggers are also supporting their fellow bloggers who were charged in court for expressing the truth in public.

We are repeating our call now! Disband the Umno rebel state government and dissolve the state assembly to pave way for a new state election.

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