Saturday, March 21, 2009

NGOs planned protest against Bukit Aman

A coalition of NGOs consist of about 50 organizations had planned to hold a mass protest ring in front of the police headquarters in Bukit Aman to shown their dissatisfaction on certain unresolved issues.

It also shows the public discontent on the police force is also growing following the BN federal government’s decision not to establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) but to do with only a less effective Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission (EAIC).

Besides, the highlights of the NGOs’ protest will also be focusing on the unresolved case of A.Kugan’s death while he was under investigation for suspicion in a car theft syndicate. They are now emphasizing why no action taken against Kugan’s killers from the police force.

Come on Tan Sri Musa (the inspector-general of police), it does not mean by hauling up your officers who murdered Kugan will make you or your entire force lost your faces. You have to accept that this is a process of justice and the murderers be it your policemen or whoever it is must face the judiciary process. They had murdered a guy who is under investigation.

If you keep on covering your face or being arrogant, Kugan will even become a national hero or perhaps a national statesman because he is a murder victim now. People are making a fame of him because your officers murdered him. Even if Kugan had committed a crime by stealing some vehicles to make ends meet, he should be allow to go through the judiciary process and from there he will be judged by the court if he is guilty or not.

The IGP should not blame the entire episode on Kugan. The more you blame him the more heroic he becomes and he might be turned into a Tun or Tan Sri type of guy by the people who fought for him. Those policemen who murdered him should be blamed for their impatience in their interrogations and their disrespect to the judiciary process.

If you let justice serve on Kugan accordingly, you don’t have to through such suffering situation. You asked for it, the entire police force asked for it. You cannot blame all these on the people, Kugan’s family and the whole. We did not go against you simply because we wanted to. We wanted justice, not to make Kugan a winner or you a loser. Justice means equality. You must serve everyone equally and not one-sided like what you have been doing in Perak right now.

As member of the police force, you must serve the people and preserve the nation’s security and not only serve the interest of a particular political party just because the leader of the political party is your home affairs minister.

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