Monday, March 30, 2009

Hisham wants teachers to be active in politics

The News Straits Times press had on 29 March reported that the Umno newly elected vice president and education minister Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein had suggested in the Umno general assembly that school teachers to be allowed to get involved in politics.

If allowed and implemented, school teachers nationwide will be actively participating in politics and they will lose focus as educationist. Hishammuddin’s suggestion to allow teachers to take active part in politics is just like asking our children to give up education completely.

We also view Hishammuddin’s suggestion as being political motivated as majority of the teachers in the national based schools are Umno members.

Therefore, once these school teachers are allowed to take active role in politics, the educational needs of our children will be totally neglected as these politician teachers will tend to leave their work behind by taking emergency leave, no pay leave or even medical leave to attend political gathering and functions.

And again, once these school teachers are elected to hold party positions in Umno, will they have the sufficient and quality time to focus on the educational aspects of our children? Will they have the sufficient time to provide quality teachings and guidance to our children in the schools?

The answer is, they will not even have time to provide focus to our children once they are active in politics. With these teachers losing focus on their professionalism to serve their own political needs, our children and the parents are the ones who are going to suffer.

The parents upon seeing their children having insufficient education in schools will resort to sending them to tuition centers to ensure their kids would not be left out. And the children themselves will then feel the pain and suffer due to overstrained and pressure they endured the entire day with lack of proper rest and attention.

So, the consequences are our children are going to suffer the most when school teachers are allowed to take active part in politics. And if this is allowed and implemented, it is going to benefit Umno entirely and as the result the educational qualities is going to lose out eventually.

Umno is trying to make use of our children for their own political gains. This is disgusting and inhumane.

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