Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bar Council done a good job in upholding justice, freedom and equality

We would like to congratulate the Bar Council for their continuous effort in upholding justice, freedom and equality.

Well done and Good Job! We know some Umno leaders are now abusing the government machinery for their political gains to threaten the Bar Council to stop their quest to protect the federal constitution, the people and the nation.

We wish to remind the Bar Council not to be afraid by the cowardice act shown by these Umno leaders. Their objectives are not to protect the Malay rulers or the Malay community but they are simply doing all these provocations issuing threats in order to protect their own interest, power and wealth.

Therefore, the Bar Council is here to stay and we shall always support their effort to uphold justice, freedom and equality for all Malaysians regardless of their race, religions and backgrounds.

Let us all condemn Umno for their continuous blatant acts of violence, barbarism, racism, terrorism, corruptions, money politics and power abuses which had resulted to our people’s suffering, fear and worries on the insecurity of our nation.

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