Monday, March 2, 2009

Karpal Singh, victim of Umno youth’s violent and “ketuanan” campaigns

In this “bullets” episode, Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh being a wheelchair-bound man with disability to walk and move about freely but yet, he still serves his people and nation well despite all those short comes.

And yet today, Karpal has been a victim of Umno youth’s violent campaign just because he wanted to end their immunities that they are enjoying and bring all those who were behind the “bullets” episode to justice.

Why did the Umno youth members stormed the parliament attempting to assault Karpal? The Umno youth are guilty conscious and wanted to cover-up the “bullets” episode by diverting the attention to their grievance,at the same time, trying to ensure their immunities are not violated.

The Umno youth members felt that their guilt has been overblown by those who wanted justice into such a criminal act. In fact sending the bullets to an innocent person’s house was already a criminal act. We all know who had demonstrated in front of Karpal residence the other day and we also know who had shown the violent acts and issue threats in front of Karpal’s residence the other day.

The Umno youth members felt their guilt because of Karpal’s attempt to expose them and to end their immunities. When the Umno youth members attacked Karpal at the parliament compound, the security personnel and the police who are directly under the home ministry managed by an Umno supreme council did not act against those attackers, because they were instructed not to do so, just because those attackers were also Umno youth members.

Just imagine if those attackers were not from Umno and they were from other political parties, they are sure to be caught, beaten-up and thrown into the nearby police lock-ups immediately. As those attackers were Umno youth members, the home minister did not want the authorities to act against them. This is what Umno’s “ketuanan” means.

Umno’s “ketuanan” also guarantees its members are immune, above the law, above the sultanate, above god and above the federal constitution. That means, like it has been shown in the past few years, Umno reserves the right to organize violence, promoting hatred, organize their so-called band of militias and wage war onto the people and the entire nation if anyone found to have spoken against them, vote against them, criticizing them and so on. The act of criticizing Umno and exposing their wrongdoings are all seen as committing treason against the country, against the sultanate and against the constitution.

But with Umno’s “ketuanan” they are exempted from all such labels which they put on other people, in 1993 they could undermine the sultanate and withdraw their powers and immunities without much problems, during the past years, they issued threats of wanting to burn down the Selangor Chinese Town Hall and wanted to organize violence, promoting hatred, bloodshed, to burn down Kuala Lumpur and their numerous threats to repeat the May 13 incident if they were to lose in the general elections again and so on, hoping to scare the people into continuing to vote them so that such violence will not occurred.

Because of Umno’s “ketuanan” they are of cause also exempted from the law and constitution. They act in such a way because they said that they are immune, above the law, above the sultanate, above god and above the federal constitution.

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