Monday, March 2, 2009

Why did they hate us so much?

Almost everyday, the name and word Umno has been regularly mentioned in media and other mainstream communication channels. Well, it does not mean Umno is popular. It is because Umno had became too irrelevant until they desperately needed the media and press to assist them in furthering their outdated political agendas so that the people will hear, see and “understand” their policies.

After the 8 March general elections last year, these Umno leaders are frustrated and shocked with their losses and defeats after 50 years of their firm grip in power. They where shock in disbelieve that five states had eventually fell into Pakatan Rakyat’s hands.

When they were defeated, these Umno leaders put the blame on Pakatan Rakyat for their extensive campaigns, the bloggers, the younger generations and our people. These Umno leaders blamed us because of their defeat they had also lost much of their profit making channels in our nation. These Umno leaders blamed us because their positions in the party, government and businesses are not at stake.

And that is why they hate us so much, because we did not vote for them but choose Pakatan Rakyat instead. The hate us so much because they had lost their two-thirds majority in the parliament and their powers has been drastically reduced to a mere balance only to govern.

They denied that they themselves were the contributors to their own defeat. They said that their defeat were because the people sabotaged them, disowned them and disbelieve in them. And that are the only reasons that the Umno leaders had till today. They deny every single fault if they were to be from their party. They are still in a very denial mode. These Umno leaders are hiding their heads under the sand just like the ostrich.

That is why these Umno leaders are resorting to various undemocratic, uncivilized, dictatorial and unjust means to ensure that they remain in power. They are now ensuring that all federal government security organs are fully utilized in order to curb the rising influence of the Pakatan Rakyat and the people’s dissatisfaction. These Umno leaders are now working very hard to put the Internal Security Act, Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act, Printing Press Act, etc into full use so that the people would not dare to speak out and expose their misdeeds in public.

They wanted to ensure that the people listen to them and their instructions carefully and obediently without any further questions. If condition warrants they may push their policies into a harsher implementation and ensure tougher enforcements are in place to proceed with their plans.

There they goes, Perak Umno launched a coup d’etat to topple the legitimate Perak state government and installed its leaders and members in the rebel state government after putting their pressure on the Perak Sultanate to recognize their power seizure. Apart from Perak, they are also planning to hatch similar plots in Selangor and Kedah but had put their plans on hold after their attempts were exposed.

Then, when certain people wanted to come forward to report their misdeeds to the relevant authorities, these Umno leaders claimed that they were liars and promised to avenge such reports by threatening those who had reported against them with imprisonment and security detentions.

Besides, their leaders in the youth wing especially, are also getting more violent and racist, attempting, warning and threatening the population with murders, violence, war, supremacy, “bullets” and so on. The Umno youth wing had became more like a Nazi storm trooper where they could attack and condemn any meetings or gatherings which speak against them, criticizing them or uprooting their misdeeds.

These has become of Umno who will turn our nation into a Nazi police state one day. Will we be able to rid off Umno before they could ever rid our nation off the map? We better make our decisions fast.

We must therefore insist a final solution on the Umno’s question fast! Let us all show them that this nation belongs to us and they do not own this nation as they claimed.

We want to preserve the peace, harmony and unity in our nation which we have been maintaining for the past fifty one years. We must preserve these harmonious entities of ours for our generations to come.

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