Saturday, March 21, 2009

Minister abused his government position to get rooms for his supporters

The minister of higher education Datuk Mohamed Khalid Nordin, one of the top contenders for the Umno vice president’s post had openly admitted that he had used the ministry’s official letterhead to book some 70 hotel rooms for Umno Pasir division members and delegates for the upcoming Umno general assembly.

A confirmed source had also state that a government cheque had been issued as a deposit to obtain the hotel rooms for the party delegates.

Datuk Mohamed Khalid also reasoned that he had instructed the usage of the ministry’s letterhead to book the hotel rooms because it is very difficult to book hotel rooms during the Umno general assembly period. What does he actually mean by that?

This is clearly an abuse of power and corrupt practice. Just because he wanted to contest and win a party vice president position, he uses his government position to serve his own interest in Umno.

Therefore, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) should start investigating this power abuse and corrupt practice as soon as possible.

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