Friday, March 27, 2009

Change or no change makes no difference in Umno

Yesterday night, we saw the results from the Umno polls and its elected members of the supreme council.

There is actually no change at all. The line-up in the new leadership still consist of old guards and conservatives. The only change that Umno undergone yesterday was a transition from Pak Lah's men to Najib's men.

This is not change at all but only an exchange. Umno is still the same like the last or previous Umno. It did not demonstrate its willingness to open up and be multi-racial in its stand as well as its policies. It is still a political party that emphasize high supremacy over others with its racist jargons and normal threats towards others should anyone tries to mention about justice, equality, democracy and freedom. Money politics and corruption will still continue in the party as usual.

So, why do we need to focus so much on Umno's general assembly unnecessarily? Let us not waste our time on Umno.

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