Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mohd Ali Rustam disqualified from Umno election candidacy

One of the top contenders for the Umno deputy presidency, Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam has been disqualified by the party disciplinary committee recently. Ali Rustam was disqualified from contesting any positions in the party because of his active involvement in money politics.

Actually there is no such word of “money politics”. The word “money politics” was created by Umno leaders in order to confuse the people on its definition from the real facts. The actual word for such wrongs is in fact called corruption or bribery. Ali Rustam was disqualified because he was guilty of corruption for trying to bribe Umno delegates into voting for him and it has been proven by the party disciplinary committee after calling up several witnesses to testify during their inquiry.

Since his corrupt practice has been proven and because of his offence, he has been disqualified from the party elections, why is the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) keeping quiet? Wasn’t the MACC supposed to come in and detain Ali Rustam, who is also Malacca chief minister and charge him for corruption as well. The evidence has been shown and proven, so what is MACC waiting for?

Or is MACC afraid to act against Ali Rustam because he is still a head of a state government? Was MACC prevented from acting against Ali Rustam by both the Umno president and deputy president as well?

Umno caught some of its prominent leaders for corruption but did not want to release them to MACC for prosecution. And MACC did not want to act reasoning that there is no report lodged, that is why they did not file the case. Double standards and pretenders!

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