Sunday, March 8, 2009

Umno similar to Hezbollah

In the a report released by New Straits Times press on 7 March recently, Penang Umno secretary and Penaga state assemblyman Azhar Ibrahim had stated that the state DAP organized program to help the hard core poor via the sales proceed of the party’s newsletter Rocket was similar to the tactic used by the banned Al-Arqam sect.

According to Azhar, the program organized by DAP was insincere and aimed to enslave the participants into helping DAP blindly and the initiatives was merely used for the party’s political gain.

We wish to condemn the statement made by Azhar as been wild and made without having the actual facts being checked first. His accusation and subsequent labeling of DAP being similar to Al-Arqam are also completely baseless and a wildest lie we had ever heard.

Let us take a look at Umno and what we could see if they too have any similarity. Well, it is clear the Umno’s racist, supremacist, war-like, threats, arrogant, violent and undemocratic policies are similar to that of Hezbollah of Lebanon.

We had all seen and heard of Umno’s policies lauded by their leaders of all levels in their party general assembly previously, we had all seen and heard of Umno’s threat and its racist jargons calling for ethnic cleansing in our nation, to soak their “keris” with our blood and to burn cities in event of their party’s position being sidelined or should they fall out of favour.

And this is Umno, the Malaysia’s Hezbollah. What will become of our nation if Umno were to continue its governance in future? We cannot let them ruin our entire nation anymore. We must prevent Umno or Hezbollah from exceeding their racist and violence into our communities.

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