Monday, March 2, 2009

Toll hikes differed to end of this year, some in Umno were unhappy

After received much protest from the public on the toll hikes in several highway concessions, the BN federal government had agreed to differ the plan to the end of this year. The people are now relieved after the toll hikes has been differed and will BN make another attempt to do the same in the middle of this year?

Well, when the toll hikes were differed, some Umno state and divisional leaders were in fact disappointed with their top leader’s move. Most of these second and third level Umno leaders were actually owners and directors of several toll concessionary companies which manage those highways and collect the tolls.

By differing the toll hikes would also means differing the profit margins and gains by these Umno linked concessionary companies.

And these unhappy Umno leaders will then voice their dissatisfaction in the coming Umno general assembly which is expected to be held soon. The party assembly is also expected to oversee the power transition from the current Pak Lah’s premiership to his deputy Najib Razak.

The discontent and dissatisfaction among the Umno delegates will also expected to see many of Pak Lah’s men to be voted out in favour of Najib’s henchmen. It is not known if Pak Lah’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin will be able to make it in the Umno youth chief race or otherwise. Some source had also mentioned that Khairy may dump his father-in-law in order to further his own political aspirations.

Well, all these transition effects were mere speculations among Umno delegates and members. Some said when Najib take on the premiership, harsher measures and policies are expected to take place, which include the differed toll hikes may also see its increase moving back to its original plan in order to please the Umno linked concessionary companies where several of its party leaders are directors and major shareholders.

Then, after that will Umno ever listen to the people again?

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