Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why the multi lingual road sign fuss?

We wish to tell the Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng, go ahead with your greatest plans to have multi lingual road signs in Penang to promote tourism activities and to enhance the Malaysian image of our state. Have no fear on that!!!

We all know Umno is making so much fuss over this by politicizing the matter in a racist and uncivilized manner. We also know that an Umno delegation from Tanjung division led by its deputy chief Raja Munir Shah had stormed into the MPPP and Deputy Chief Minister’s Office to hand over their protest memorandum on the proposed multi lingual road signs.

So what? These Umno stooges are bulls! They did that for the sake of doing it. They continuously accused the state government of planning to completely do away with road signs in Bahasa Malaysia. Well, who said that? Guan Eng did not say he wanted to delete the Bahasa Malaysia languages from the present road signs in Penang. He only mentioned that he wanted to put additional languages on the existing road signs to enhance and to reflect its multi racial community and identity. This is Malaysian Malaysia!

When DBKL and MBJB put up multi lingual road signs in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, why didn’t Umno make the fuss earlier? For your information, certain road signs in Kuala Lumpur are added with Arabic words, besides the alphabets.

So, we want to ask DBKL and Umno now, why put up Arabic words? We all know that Arabs today are closely associated with terrorism and by putting up Arabic words could also symbolize our nation’s support and advancement for terrorism. Do you want us to put that this way, dear Umno?

But instead, we did not say anything on these Arabic words at all, as we believe in peace loving and harmonious society and living together with each other in a very humanistic way, in a Malaysian Malaysia way of life.

So Umno, by continuing behaving like this, we believe one day you will bring our nation back to stone- age and de-civilization. You Umno guys are making a very dangerous move. You are dividing our people and splitting the nation apart with your racist, violence and hate messages across.

These Umno stooges are now behaving more like the apes. We want to remind you, do not turn our nation into a “planet of the apes”!


salam said...

DBKl and Mbjb are not politicians Guan Eng is.Lots of arabs visit KL especially during the summer. Cant chinese in Malaysia read bahasa malaysia signages after 50 years of independence.I think we should close all chinese schools and have only one bangsa malaysia schools with bahasa malaysia as the medium of instruction.

mikemathew said...

There was this one Little Mosque On The Prairie episode about the town of Mercy's "Welcome to Mercy" signboard got knocked down by a tractor. And while the town's mayor was away, while working on replacing damaged signboard, the the mayor's proxy Sarah had this brilliant idea of putting up different languages for the above said signboard to represent every ethnicity that lived in Mercy.