Monday, November 17, 2008

Hands off state tourism affairs, Gerakan told

We would like to tell the new Gerakan youth national vice-chief Oh Tong Keong to hands off the state tourism affairs and not to interfere with the current affords and initiatives carried out by State Executive Councillor Danny Law in enhancing his tourism promotions for the state.

As well know, Danny Law has done a great job in ensuring the tourism effects of the states could be enhanced, promoted and making Penang well-known internationally.

Unfortunately, it was the tourism minister Azalina Othman who had been sabotaging the efforts carried out by Danny Law by refusing or withdrawing the supposedly allocated funds to the state and also in the management of policies related to enhancing tourism in the Penang state. Azalina had in the past and present also made many negative remarks on the management of the state tourism in Penang by urging many investors and participants of such and such events not to cooperate with the Penang state government’s efforts and initiatives.

In handling such challenging situation, we would like to ask our Danny Law to be firm and strong in dealing with these bad hats who are out there trying to bring down all of us.

Therefore, the Gerakan youth national vice-chief Oh Tong Keong should know where he is standing right now. Gerakan had all along being a running dog, a servant and a blind follower of the “ketuanan” policies of Umno ever since its inception into the Barisan Nasional coalition front. Even your own party advisor Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik had also said Gerakan and MCA acted like beggars in the BN when dealing with their supreme master who is Umno, the dominant party in the BN.

So, we urge Oh Tong Keong to clean up his own house first. What you had said earlier had helped Umno to further sabotage the people’s will in Penang. The people here had voted and given the mandate to DAP to run Penang. We also urge Gerakan to come out and work for the betterment of our Penang state and not helping Umno to sabotage and destroy the economy of Penang. Do you want your children to suffer because of your political mileage? We ask you, Oh Tong Keong!

If you still treat Penang as your home, then work with us!

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