Saturday, November 29, 2008

Uncivilized BN MPs in the Parliament

After the recent 12th general elections, more members of the Pakatan Rakyat were elected into the Parliament to counter check the weakened Barisan Nasional coalition MPs who were reduced from their two thirds majority enjoyed for decades.

However the speaker and deputy speaker of the parliament are still elected from amongst BN due to their current majority in the house. Due to this, unfair and unreasonable counts were still often sighted during the parliamentary sittings where BN MPs who uttered outrageous and sexist remarks in the house remain unpunished during the entire session despite their continuous uncivilized characters.

Let us look from the beginning, first we had these controversially dirty BN MPs such as Datuk Badruddin “Binatang” Amiruddin, Datuk Bung Mokhtar “Bocor” Radin and Datuk Mohd Said “Close One Eye” Yusof, and when Datuk Mohd Said is out from the picture, he was immediately replace with yet another Datuk Tajudin “Bastard” Rahman from Pasir Salak.

After uttering the word “Bloddy Bastard” on Ipoh Barat DAP MP M.Kulasegaran and just withdrawn his statement unpunished, he again more racist and dirty remarks on Kulasegaran by calling him “keling” while PKR MP Azmin Ali was called a “boil” (dumb). Then he asked another DAP MP Teo Nie Ching “bila nak keluar lagi air dia?”

Anyway, when every time this Tajudin utter any sensitive, sexist words or remarks on the Pakatan Rakyat MPs, he was merely given a light and ineffective reminder (not warning) and asked to retract his words by the speaker and deputy speaker.

But when the Pakatan Rakyat MPs fought back or make any additional requests to have certain current issues to be debated, they are either being told to keep quiet, to leave the house, being blocked or lastly suspended from the sittings for a stipulated time without pay.

If these Pakatan Rakyat MPs did get justice in the parliament and were unfairly punished like this, do you think our people or “rakyat” will be treated fairly and being given justice? Certainly it is a No! The parliament as the highest lawmaking institution in our nation had failed to demonstrate its effectiveness in its management and a just proceeding during the sitting.

In this case, the speaker and the deputy of the parliament should not be appointed solely from the BN coalition parties but instead should be also appointed from amongst members of parliament from Pakatan Rakyat as well. And if situations are left undecided, then the speaker and the deputy speaker should be appointed from amongst neutral professionals or respected figures whose duty bound to maintain the professionalism of this institution and do not belong to either BN nor Pakatan Rakyat. This will keep the BN MPs in check and deal with in a proper procedure should their words when out of their way.

But is BN willing to let go the positions of speaker and deputy speaker anyway? We bet they will not at all as long as they are still in power.

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