Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ahmad “Kerbau” Ismail given heroic welcome

Suspended Umno member and former Bukit Bendera division chairman Datuk Ahmad “Kerbau” Ismail was given a heroic welcome at his division during its annual general meeting last week at Penang.

At the division’s meeting, Ahmad was also hoisted as a hero and given a weapon called “keris” to continue his violent agenda. Besides, he was also appointed the division’s advisor in which in actual fact would make him a de facto leader of the division as well.

The decision by the Bukit Bendera Umno division to appoint Ahmad as their advisor was seen as a mark of defiant and protest against the supreme council’s decision to suspend his party membership for three years.

As we had all known, many police reports had been lodged against him, but no action was taken against him till today. Instead the person who witness and heard his racist statement and his uncivilized behavior was detained for no reason just because she reported the event!!!

Because of the no police action, this also prompted Ahmad to state in the public that even the prime minister, home minister and the police were afraid of him. Even the deputy prime minister helped him to apologize to the public!!! He again demonstrated his arrogance and defiant manner to the people. Bukit Bendera will not be in peace as long as Ahmad still exists. He is the real threat to the security of Penang state.

The real problem now is Ahmad “Kerbau” Ismail is still a free man and people’s life there are at stake.

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