Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Umno still play racist

Despite its massive losses in the 8 March general elections, Umno and its leaders are still well-versed in their racist jargons with a number of racist remarks and statements increasing day by day.

With their party elections coming closer, these Umno leaders are expected to intensify their onslaught on their BN coalition partners as well as the Pakatan Rakyat parties. Because of the continuous disunity among the Umno leaders and their way of active play on the racial issue, former minister in the prime minister's department, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim resigned from both his cabinet post and his seat in the senate.

Recently after Zaid voice his discontent on certain Umno leaders, he was condemned and urged to leave the Malay race instead! What is this all about? Why ask him to renounce his ethnicity? First of all can a person renounce his ethnicity? It is totally impossible! Those Umno leaders who made these remarks and statement, Datuk Syed Hamid Albar, Tan Sri Muhammad Taib and the rest are really greatest fools on earth. What right do they have to request Zaid to renounce his ethnicity?

Are they trying to cover-up their weaknesses and positions in Umno because of the upcoming party elections? Such leaders, who are willing to sacrifice unity for the sake of enhancing or maintaining their political positions ought to be kicked out from both the party and the country's political arena.

We cannot afford to have the Nazism and Fascism continue to ruin our nation.

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