Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Penang Govt should not be blamed

The Penang state government should not be totally blamed on the failure of the King of Tennis tournament recently which had resulted to the damage on the historical Esplanade field.

The event was merely promoted by the State Executive Councillor in charge of Tourism Development, Danny Law's office as an effort to promote Penang as an international tourist destination.

The organiser of the event was actually from the private sector i.e. Ariana Teoh via her company and the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) merely gave its blessing and collected its revenue from the rental of the said location in hope that this event would eventually promote Penang as an internation arena.

So, if it goes on as planned and held successfully, will it be politicised? I don't think so. But the event failed to come out as planned, and Umno with its coalition partners are all out condemning the failure of this event as the result and doing of the state government. This is in fact maximum politicising in order to discredit the government and the people of Penang.

When Umno, Gerakan and MCA ruled Penang previously, there are millions more of corruptions and power abuse reported within its administration and political offices. Taxpayers' monies are almost spend away during the Umno-Gerakan reign like nobody's business.

Why build a so luxury Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) complex in Bandar Perda? A five star building as an MPSP headquarters, for what? To promote tourism or to make life more comfortable for its staffs? Do you know, an office cubicle in the MPSP office for each staff cost about RM800 to RM1200 per unit! This is taxpayers' money too. Why wasted so much money to build and design such an expensive office sites?

Taxpayers' monies are supposed to be used to upgrade public infrastructures around the city and areas within its municipal borders, but Umno and BN politicians choose to spend them on unneccessary wonders instead with most of its projects deemed to be luxurious but no benefit to the public at all.

For decades, Umno and BN wasted billions in ringgit and most of them also benefited their division and branch chairmen via rewards of contracts of services and so on. They are much more corrupted then we all expected.

So, Danny Law, be strong and firm in facing such accusation and negative allegation against you. We are all behind you and support whatever effort you are carrying out. So does our Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, keep up your good work.

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