Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fatwa Council banned Yoga, then take up Yogi !

As we had heard recently the announcement by the National Fatwa Council to ban Muslims from practicing Yoga exercise for fear of Hinduism influence over its Muslims practitioners which may jeopardize their Islamic faith.

What a big fuss on this? Has any Muslim converted to Hinduism after practicing Yoga? So far, we have not heard any case in relation of Muslims being converted during Yoga sessions. What is the main agenda behind such ruling? We supposed, the National Fatwa Council is practicing dogmatism !

To our understanding, Yoga exercise is practiced for natural health and healing purpose in many of its centers nationwide under full secular condition without emphasizing the need to recite any mantras nor chanting any Hindu prayers as claimed by the National Fatwa Council. In fact many surviving cancer patients or patients of other sickness had seen significant improvement in the management of their health after taking up Yoga practically by attending its session regularly.

Yoga exercises are purely to promote and enhance health of its practitioners, helps to relieve stress and even lower high blood pressure to prevent heart failure. Same goes to Qi Qong exercise it helped to relieve pain and stress of persons as well as to promote stability in body metabolism as a way to gain better health. So, let me ask, is the so-called Fatwa Council going to ban Muslims from practicing Qi Qong soon for its Taoism and Buddhism influences? Come on, talk sense and think positively! Your thinking and way of live is getting more and more backward and looks like de-civilization is coming into picture when you are practicing dogmatism in the name of a religion.

Well, we knew even if we give our facts right, they would not listen or try to understand it. Anyway, to all my Muslim friends who had long practiced Yoga and it is time to stop when a Fatwa is released. Do not give up, take up Yogi instead!

Wait! Another worry is will the National Fatwa Council ban favourable martial arts like Karate, Judo, Wushu or Silambam in future due to its foreign influence, with Silat to become a sole martial art allowed in this nation one day?

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