Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why these fanatics are still promoting hatred and disunity?

Just look at what these fanatics are doing and putting these hate banners in the streets. What are they trying to prove actually? Why did they hate other people so much and resorted to such action and threats onto the other peace loving communities.

To those hate mongers, we are all here to live peacefully amongst multi-racial, multi religious and multi cultural society. We all truly love peace, harmony, friendship and unity but there are some fanatics who are supported by a BN component party are out there to create more and more hate and nothing but hate onto others and possible to provoke anger of another race.

What can they gain by promoting hatred among our communities actually? This has to be stopped at all cost. But the police force and other authorities are not doing enough to prevent such racist fanatics from continuing all these. Is it because these hate mongers are members of a BN dominant component party?
And also, why MCA, Gerakan, MIC, IPF and PPP are keeping quiet on these? Are they too afraid to voice their discontent on their master component party in the BN or what?

Can we see action against these people who promote terror as soon as possible? We want to have a peaceful and harmonious living. We want Unity.

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