Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More are voicing out against the dominancy

About a year ago, when a Chinese based community association voiced their discontent of being sidelined by another, BN component parties were fast to come out in defence of their policies which had according to them serve all communities equally.

Then the Indian community who came in full force, demonstrated their plight and grieves in order to gain the BN government's attention on their problems and the facts that they are being sidelined from the mainstream development and wealth.

The BN government was quick to respond with battalions of armed police personnel and water canons, coupled with some detention of its leaders under the ISA because of their quest for justice. And that does not stop Hindraf from continue pursuing their goals to ensure their voices are to be heard from all corners.

The BN government is doing all it can to stop Hindraf from their objectives. Hindraf was officially banned then. But the leaders said they will continue to shoulder on despite being banned by the draconian law of the BN. Hindraf voices are still being heard till today from both inside and outside the nation.

Attention is now pointing at Sarawak, who are the victims there. According to the Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, "there is no problem at all in Sarawak". Well, we want to tell him that he is lying, a bully and a dictator in the state. He had rule Sarawak decades with an iron fist, purge any possible opponents or possible rise of any communities whom he felt could threaten his position and power.

He does it successfully. Whenever any Dayak based party is seem likely to emerge strong in the Sarawak BN component, he is quick to step in and planned for their eventual split where he could break off these Dayak leaders into many splinter parties so he could control them in his "divide and rule" system".

Everyone of us knew, Sarawak's leadership were Dayak dominated prior to BN's entry into Sarawak. Just look at what happened to SNAP, PBDS, STAR, PDS and now PRS. All are virtually broken off by the dominant Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) by financial and wealth means, so that the Dayak leaders could rival in their community while PBB could continue ruling the state and grab every single wealth away from them.

Because of these continuous crisis, the Dayak leaders had wanted to reunite and emerge again in their political leadership by seeking the Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) to be registered as a new political entity. Unfortunately, PBB on seeing the emerging MDC which could effect their dominanncy in the state quickly informed the prime minister to instruct the Registrar of Societies (ROS) not to have the MDC registered. So MDC status is still pending todate and the ROS replied that "some issues related to the national security need to be studied further" and the approval was therefore put onhold till today.

Let us go into Sabah, the initial decades of rule and political monopoly of Berjaya and Usno were eventually broke off by the then newly emerged Kadazan Dusun based Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) in the state elections. As the result, both Berjaya and Usno seeing their positions became weaken of the strong PBS presence dissolved themselves and went to Kuala Lumpur to persuade Umno to come over to fight for them.

Then, when Umno came over to Sabah, it offered the BN membership to PBS in exchange of developments and funds into the state. PBS accepted it unwillingly. Then Umno leaders began its onslaught inside PBS which irritates some of its top leaders into leaving the BN at a last moment of one state election. PBS won the state elections anyway with a slim majority, Umno continues its onslaught by offering some PBS leaders with positions and wealth to create factional fightings in the party.

As the result, SAPP, PBRS, UPKO, LDP were all formed by spliter groups of PBS. The PBS' strength began to disintegrate but managed to survive somehow to shoulder on with its Kadazan Dusun based strength. PBS finally gave in and decided to rejoin the Sabah BN few years later in order not to be left out from the mainstream development with Umno's promise of the chief ministership rotation to every BN component parties.

So, there goes the Sabah Chief Ministership rotation every two years for each BN component parties to enjoy until all these parties became weaker because of factional rifts and when Umno emerged stronger with its stable financial backings, turned up to informed all their BN friends that the rotation system have to be stopped for the sake of development. Umno took on the state leadership with at ease and soon turned into a dominant party in Sabah.

The poor developments and influx of illegal immigrants in the state had turned from bad to worst. Criminal activities amongst these illegal immigrants are becoming the subject of the day in the state and so does illegal logging, where the forest were cut down for the logs. Umno businessmen became richer because of all these activities. But what did the natives i.e. the Kadazan Dusuns get in the end? Nothing at all. The illegals and some sort of other outsiders are beginning to take their place in their villages, kampungs and neighbourhoods. These are all in fact threatening.

The authorities doesn't care, the BN federal government doesn't care, Umno doesn't care and the chief minister doesn't care. So, one of the BN component party SAPP got fed up and left the state coalition. Umno tries to disintegrate SAPP but with little success. SAPP continue to play its part as the state opposition together with the DAP's sole representative.

Enough is enough, we cannot let the dominancies of PBB and Umno continue running in Sarawak and Sabah forever, otherwise the fate of our Dayak and Kadazan brothers and sisters will be at stake. Come out and make a better choice for your community in the coming state elections.

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