Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The results of BN’s over-developments, was corruption the subject?

From the Highland Towers, Karak Highway Tunnel, Ulu Yam and now the latest Bukit Antarabangsa, all initiated and developed by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government had shown its results. With the other luxurious projects and developments of hillside, hill slope bungalows, condominiums and gated housing estates other than the above still existing and enjoying their lives, when will they meet their fate, we would not know, only god knows. It can be tomorrow, if not tomorrow, it can be the day after tomorrow and if not that, it may be next week, next month, six months time, a year later or so on. These developments will or may meet their fate.

What caused all these landslides and loss of lives unnecessarily? Why did these hillsides and hill slopes collapse or sunk drastically whenever heavy rain pours in? Then, how did these developers got their permission to cut and slice these hills and mountains to build their bungalows and condominiums? Did the local government or authorities has any proper rules, guidelines and procedures to sanction such developments and hill cuttings first of all?

So, with all these questions still left unanswered till today and now, we can be assure of one element which has been existing in ruling institution for decades without any effective checks, which was also one of the cause of such tragedies i.e. Corruption.

Well, corruption has been long exist in the structures of the local government and authorities for decades, an area where the BN politicians had generate their profits and much of their incomes from, with a lots of contracts, sub-contracts, business deals, family related deals being signed up without even any reference to the statutory rules, laws and guidelines . In a shorter term, and it may be a harsh term for some, we call it Corruption.

Take for instance on how did the former Port Klang MP Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros gain his wealth right up to the illegal construction of his multi storey palace liked bungalow in a middle of a small village. Besides Zakaria, there also many more Umno and BN politicians who had constructed their palaces and bungalows in such ways thinking that it was their right to bypass the authorities as long as BN stays in power. So, what are the results? The answer is power abuses and some sort of human rights violation had reaped through.

In this case, when corruption goes on rampant and unstoppable, people’s lives are at stake for the sake of profit and the pockets of these irresponsible BN politicians. When these inhuman practices are at its highest stake, competencies, accountability and transparencies are completely zeroed, with no integrity nor human sense arise. All as the result of greed, fame, wealth and money.

That is why, since from the Highland Towers, Karak Highway Tunnel, Ulu Yam and now the latest Bukit Antarabangsa, no top officials nor those BN politicians involved would be brought over for trial for the crimes they did against humanity and the nature. Whenever these slopes falls, and fell onto houses killing many people, these hypocritical BN politicians will come forward to just show their sympathy and offer their condolences to the victims and their families and start talking of stopping or freezing these and that projects, promising actions and so on. Why all these talking only after people lost their lives for it? It’s simple, Corruption has been the way of life for these BN politicians all these years.
Then, when and why did these elements rise first of all? If there is someone asking for a “favour”, the other person may be willing to “give”. When all these elements came into full force, the “deadly weapon” would be the impact on our people’s lives, a month, a year, or in the later years to come.

And again if all these Zakaria Mat Deros alike politicians are still barking, running around and reigning supreme over others, the local government and authorities would still prove ineffective in their roles, proceedings, enforcements and administration.

If the tragedies had already happened, there is no use of doing any talking and harping on the issues anymore, like what the BN people are doing now. We want action, an immediate action with effective answers and solutions. We have not seen all these so far, but only talking.

And congratulations to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who had recently come out with an action plan and special task force to monitor any hillside or hill slope housing projects in Penang (the current hillside and sloping housing projects were approved by the previous BN state government). We don’t see any actions been taken by the housing and local government ministry so far. The minister in charge was also keeping quiet on this.

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