Thursday, December 18, 2008

JKKKP are all illegal organizations

During the recent general elections which saw the Pakatan Rakyat taking over the state governments of Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan, the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is quick to react to these situations by establishing its resistance in these states.

As we had all know, the state government is empowered to appoint its people or suitable persons to be members of the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) and Village Heads (Penghulu). These JKKK members and Village Heads are provided with allowance to perform their duties and play their roles in the community.

The JKKK stature is a state-level organization appointed by the state government to serve the communities in the rural and village areas which was established under the state enactments and approved by the state legislative assembly.

In order to counter the influence of the state level JKKKs and Village Heads which are now under the jurisdictions of the Pakatan Rakyat state governments, the BN federal government moved to established the Federal level JKKK (JKKKP) and appoint Federal Village Heads to rival their state level counterparts by all means.

Because of these JKKKPs now being rivals to the original state level JKKKs, most of our people are now confused with such situation and much questions has been raised on the validity of both JKKKs and the JKKKPs. The public now complained why are they two development committees administering an area and two village heads overseeing a village? Whom to see and who are more effective and so on?

The real problem now lies on the federal level JKKKPs. After going round researching the laws and regulated documentations of the federal governance, we cannot find any parliamentary Act or Law which allows or sanctions the establishment of these JKKKPs in addition to the existing JKKKs which are established via state enactments and approved by the state legislative assembly.

By what stature of law does these JKKKPs belongs to? In order to continue resisting the Pakatan Rakyat led state governments, the BN federal government had spend millions of Ringgit of our taxpayers monies just to fulfill and further their political agendas.

Therefore, JKKKP is deemed illegal as there is no stature nor any law established to empower the functions of these JKKKPs. In order words, the JKKKP has no locus standi as it was not recognized nor registered entity. In this case, whenever the BN federal government allocates its funds to these JKKKPs it will be deemed illegal as well, as it is unlawful to provide or support unregistered bodies with funds and monies under the Societies Act.

So, do not support or participate in any activities organized by the JKKKPs as by participating in their activities would also deemed to be wrongful as JKKKPs are not registered entities and could be charged under the Societies Act for unlawful assembly.

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