Monday, December 29, 2008

Muslim NGOs protest in Penang

Some about 20 over muslim NGOs under the patronage of Gabungan Melayu NGO Malaysia today held a peaceful protest in front of Sri Mutiara, the official residence of the Penang Governor to call on the Rulers Council to strip the citizenship of those who questioned the Malay special rights and ketuanan Melayu.

Apart from these NGO protesters, these NGOs also made use of about 400 over under-aged children to join them in this morning's protest. First of all, we would like to question these NGOs, who actually did question the special rights and ketuanan Melayu and when did it happened? Why did these NGOs often allowed themselves to be used by some political parties who is out there to promote and advance their racist political agendas?

For the leaders of these muslim NGOs, we hope in future they will use their judgment and common sense to ensure they are not being used political parties with racist political agendas, particularly Umno. Do not lower yourselves to be used in such ways.

At the same time, in the protest this morning, you are using children as your your shield and for your information, it is wrong to use under-aged as a tool to protest on certain issues related to politics and racial sentiments.

The policemen who were there, why they did not take any action on the protesters who used children to join them in the said demonstration? Is it because such protest were sanctioned by Umno and they choose not to care about it just because the home minister is an Umno supreme council member?

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