Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crime prevention is more important than politics

The police force should not waste their time to monitoring and arresting innocent civilians on passive political motives and campaign rounds to promote positive values amongst public.

We are referring to the police recent action on members of NGO called the Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT) who organized their cycling tour in selected locations to promote their campaign on certain issues related to human rights, labour, freedom and justice. What wrong had all these innocent “cyclists” done? They are merely using their sporting event to promote something which needed public attention and awareness. These JERIT members are not harming anybody with its activities or events.

The police should know that, the crime rate in our nation is getting from bad to worst with crimes keep on happening in our neighborhood every minute. What had the police force done to protect our people? Where are they when we need them most and at times of emergency? Snatch thieves who had the intention to kill for the sake of some cash are now running around us like nobody’s business. We are not fully protected at all. When we make a police report, it was merely a report to formalize the role of the police. Did they really go all out and act against these criminals and murderers.

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