Friday, July 24, 2009

Why two inquiries for probe Teo’s death?

According to the BN cabinet decision, two types of inquiry would be established to probe the death of Teo Beng Hock who was found murdered in the MACC building last week.

A royal commission (RC) would be formed and assigned to find out MACC’s investigation methods while a magistrate’s inquest (MI) would be tasked to investigate the cause of Teo’s death.

First of all why would the BN federal government to establish two separate bodies to investigate this case? What was the actual motive of doing this? The BN federal government did not give any reasons on their decision to separately conduct the investigation on MACC and into Teo’s death.

Perhaps the BN federal government did not want to embarrass themselves (who earlier initiated the upgrade the entity of the MACC) and the MACC as well. And that is why they did not want an RC to probe the MACC directly on Teo’s death. So, they just appoint an inquest at magistrate level to conduct the investigation.

We are certain that once the RC and MI start their assignments, some of their reports and finding would be conflicting in a way and fact that these two entities conduct their investigations separately. And when their reports and findings are conflicting, how is the federal government going to make their decisions and what kind of action will they take as well as to base on who’s report in order to sum up their next course of action?

Just because there are two separate RC and MI to partially probe into Teo’s death, we are most certain that these two bodies would be ineffective and powerless to determine any actions on the culprits and those who are involve in Teo’s murder. And when these two entities are powerless and ineffective to come out with their solutions, then the BN federal government would step in to have their final say which of course would be in the interest of the MACC and not totally a just and fair one for Teo’s family, fiancée and our people.

Therefore, there are no clear directions and targets for both the RC and MI to begin and achieve because the responsibilities and the subject matter has been separately assigned. Is this the intention of the BN federal government that the MACC investigation method and Teo’s death would not be linked and if these two are not linked, how are they going to determine the cause of Teo’s death?

In the end, will BN say he committed suicide or he accidentally fell off while walking near the window? The question here is not only Teo’s death, because they are also others who had suffered and died while being detained or investigated before this.

We want justice and empowerment of human rights to ensure such power abuse would not repeat anymore. The problem is can BN provide us justice and human rights?

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