Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gerakan making a crack out of CM’s rented house

The Penang Gerakan is making a hell of noise over Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s departure from his official residence Seri Mutiara and his subsequent shifting into a rented house.

Guan Eng’s departure from his official residence, reasoned that the white ants had infested the entire building and it would not be save for the chief minister to continue staying in the said residence.

Then Guan Eng moved into a rented house to await repairs to be carried out on his government residence. Is that wrong? What are the elements of corruption as claimed by the Penang Gerakan leaders and where is your evidence which led to this “corrupt practice” which you all had mentioned.

We wish to remind Gerakan, of all the years of their rule in Penang, why didn’t they root out the corruptions and wrongdoings of their political master Umno? These Umno leaders are hundred times more corrupt then anyone else in this country.

In fact the entire BN coalition is corrupt. Gerakan, like Umno is also still in denial mode. They cannot see what are the wrongs and negatives in themselves but would rather make unpleasant statements and remarks on others.

Gerakan, as been over a decade being part of the corrupt institution, BN, Umno and its governance and therefore, they are not fit to talk about anti-corruption, transparency or accountability.

Gerakan needs to clean its own backyard first!

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