Monday, July 20, 2009

Report lodged against Guan Eng at MACC Penang

We heard in disgust that the Penang Gerakan youth led by its state vice-chairman H’ng Khoon Leng had lodged a report at MACC against our Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng when he had refused H’ng’s demand to reveal issues related to his rented house after he moved out of Seri Mutiara which has been infested by termites.

Guan Eng was right that these Gerakan youth leaders are acting like kindergarten kids. In fact, we would say these Gerakan youth leaders are mere hypocrites. They claimed that they are here to fight corruptions, to uphold justice and to be a constructive opposition in the state.

The Penang Gerakan youth leaders are making a fool of themselves about this matter. Have they looked at their own political master clearly so far? Umno leaders had stolen and played with our people’s billions of Ringgit in public funds, staying and enjoying their lifestyles in costly bungalows and mansions built with their ill-gotten money.

Are these Gerakan youth leaders so blind until they could not see all these power abuses within the BN coalition? Or they are merely keeping quiet about Umno’s misdeeds and wrong in order to protect their money and wealth too? There is also another reason, Gerakan is afraid of Umno’s ketuananhood and supremacy.

Whenever they are any expose which are affecting Umno, Gerakan would be called in to act as an agent to divert our people’s attention on Umno’s crimes and power abuses by making a hell of fuss and noise in the Penang state government and our Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Because Gerakan is still performing its slavery dutifully for Umno and helping them to advance its supremacy, Gerakan will be dead for good in Penang. Gerakan and BN will never ever again be able to return to power in Penang.

Gerakan will become like PPP soon, a mosquito party still day dreaming of regaining Penang in the next general elections.

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