Thursday, July 2, 2009

1Malaysia, a BN political ploy

1Malaysia, 1Malaysia is mentioned everywhere now. The federal government under the BN-Umno is now working round the clock every second to ensure that our people are one hundred percent brainwashed into adopting this idea which is seen as a mere political ploy by Umno to cover up their defeat, weaknesses and their racist chauvinistic political strategies.

Just right behind 1Malaysia campaign, BN-Umno is organising a major offensive in Pakatan rule states by clearly encouraging 2Kelantan, 2Kedah, 2 Penang and 2 Selangor policies. Their 2Perak offensive has been successful where the Pakatan state government was overthrown by an Umno-sponsored coup d'etat on early February this year.

Let us look at their 2Kelantan, 2Kedah, 2 Penang and 2 Selangor policies right now. In order to rival the Pakatan state governments, the BN established a Federal Development Department (Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan) in each of these states with a state director taking charge of each of the states. A kindly of "de-facto state government" if you study the BN's intention carefully.

Then down below, the BN also established rival entities to challenge the state appointed offices like the Penghulu which are state appointed, is rival by a Penghulu Persekutuan. That means each of these areas are now having two Penghulus, one is a state while the other is a federal appointed.

Then we go down to Village Security and Development Committees (JKKK) which is also under the states' jurisdiction are now being rivaled by BN's federal appointed Federal Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKP). That means all those kampungs and pekans in the Pakatan rule states now have two kinds of JKKKs administering the respective areas.

What is the BN-Umno trying to prove actually? Wasting public funds and monies to by creating all these additional positions and paying them with allowances just like that? Does the Federal Development Department (Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan), Penghulu Persekutuan and the JKKKP really have any legal statures to rival the states and areas?

This is a very big No! The establishment of Federal Development Department (Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan), Penghulu Persekutuan and the JKKKP are totally against the state constitutions because these positions are de-facto ones and they did not have any legal means to establish at all. These entities are just like the current Perak rebel state government established by Umno in aftermath of their coup d'etat.

Therefore, BN's 1Malaysia is only a ploy to distract our people from their real plans behind which is aimed to split our people, to create disunity, disharmony and to confuse the entire nation.

BN and Umno are the ones who are anti-establishments.

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