Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NTV7 host given a warning over Najib’s scorecard

We learned in disgust that the Point of View program host for ntv7 Florence Looi was unreasonably given a warning letter just because she seeks a score opinion for Najib’s first 100 days as a prime minister which was rated C and D by guests invited to her program for their views.

The two guests who were invited to the talk show are writer Syed Akhbar Ali and The Malaysian Insider consultant editor Leslie Lau who later gave scores of C and D to the Najib administration.

There you are another one of Najib’s 1Malaysia concept. Freedom of speech and opinion are being censored in such way. Is this part of Najib’s 1Malaysia plan to further curb democracy and views of our people?

We believe that most of the media centers and companies in this country are being forced to act on directives from the higher authorities so that their business licenses and permits are not withdrawn or revoked.

Therefore, staffs of these media centers and companies are always reminded to sing words of praise and worships to the BN government leaders. The BN government is still in a denial mode. They cannot accept truth, criticisms, including constructive ones even if it is a fact and such actions are deemed absurd, childish and it clearly reflects on the immaturity of the BN government leaders, particularly from those of Umno’s.

All the while, BN and Umno cannot and will never take criticisms sportingly in order to correct and improve from all those negative views and comments. BN and Umno always emphasize that they are on the top and their policies and methods are always correct. The people must follow their directive even if they do not like it.

This is Umno’s supremacist policies and our country is on its way to dictatorship. With BN and Umno continuing its governance, Malaysia is moving backward and not forward.

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