Monday, July 27, 2009

Putting our angers and frustrations into People’s Power

This month July 2009, our entire nation is shocked, irritated, disappointed, ashamed and angry. We demand for straight answers, we wanted to know what and why it happened.

An innocent young man was murdered, a young lady who was supposed to get married has been widowed, an unborn child has been made fatherless and denied his father and a family has been traumatized and handicapped.

We Malaysians want to know the truth and motives that lead to this tragic moment and have all those who are involved in this murder to face the court of law and justice.

Unfortunately, the BN federal government have yet to commence its probe onto the young man’s death openly and transparent. It had already shown signs of failure and its insincerity towards resolving this case.

A magistrate level court has been assigned to conduct an inquest on the death, while the royal commission will be established to only look into the investigative methods and process of the MACC.

These shows tat the BN federal government is not serious in wanting to solve this case with transparency and to serve justice. By having two different entities to investigate two kinds of situation shows that the BN federal government wanted to break up the chain of links between the MACC and the young man’s death.

In the end the results and findings of these two investigative bodies will also be in conflict since the magistrate inquest and the royal commission goes by their separate ways and means to conduct their inquiries.

By then, can you or are we able to see the effectiveness of these two investigation that will sum up their results and findings that will lead to the arrest of those murderers and be brought to justice.

Pakatan Rakyat is not manipulating, provoking and politicizing this issue as claimed by Umno. It is the duty of all members of Pakatan Rakyat to come out to help whoever or any other persons whom they saw being treated in an unjust or inhumane way to seek justice.

It was Umno and its wholly-owned press who are trying to manipulate this case into racial tension by publishing articles supporting the death of the victim, condemning those who came forward to seek justice, it was Umno who is trying to use race sentiments to create unrest and use it to their advantage.

If the magistrate inquest and the royal commission really prove to be ineffective, al of us will be very disappointed, ashamed, and angry but this does not mean we will hit back physically and protest in a violent manner as did Umno all this while.
We are all matured enough to think, analyze, and to make our decisions and judgments, then translate it into votes at the ballot boxes in our next 13th general elections which will be held in three years time. We are very patient and can wait and when the time comes we will remember what the BN had done to our people.

We will participate in the People’s Power to show this BN dictatorship that we already had enough of their nonsense.

Let’s Just Change It!

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