Monday, February 1, 2010

Zambry claimed Umno can win 34 seats in next polls but they dare not walk the talk

The leader of the Perak rebel state government Dr Zambry Abd Kadir claimed that Perak Umno could win about 34 seats in the next election but he insisted that he will not call for snap polls in order to prove his claim right.

Zambry instead called on the 28 Pakatan state assemblymen to quit en bloc to prove they have the people's support.

Come on Zambry, your party launched a coup to toppled a legitimate state government elected by the people and installed your rebel state government into force without the people's mandate.

If you claim you can win 34 state seats, then you should initiate to dissolve the state legislative assembly in order to prove your claim is accurate. Do not push the ball to Pakatan Rakyat. They are the victim of your political game.

And if you still refuse to dissolve the state legislative assembly to pave way for a snap poll, then you are already a political coward. You dare not face the people directly.

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