Saturday, February 6, 2010

Attempt to terrorize Penang failed

Attempts by Umno-link NGOs, Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce, Peninsular Malaysia Malay Students Confederation (GPMS) and a radical Malay front called Perkasa to distabilize Penang and its state government failed as the Penang people had choose not to be influenced by these groups who were out there to demonstrate their terror and hate in order to scare the people into submission.

Scores of supporters and members of these three groups had earlier yesterday gathered at the Penang state government administrative centre in Komtar to demonstrate against what they claimed "racial oppression" by the state leadership and got an effigy of the chief minister burned in public.

Besides, the supporters and members of these groups also shouted and chanted racist and hate slogans in order to voice their dissent against the Pakatan state government.

What kind of dissent are they talking about? Pro-government newspapers also painted an ugly side of the state government and taking side at the radical Malay NGOs who are all Umno-link saying that the Penang leaders had not done enough and oppressing the "Malays".

Actually they are not demonstrating against oppression. They are actually promoting hate, violence and terrorism simply because they had lost their influence. They wanted to drum up racial sentiments and organize a revolt in order to regain their support from only their race.

These NGOs are only experts in hate, hate, hate and nothing else but hate. They are doomed!