Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nazis alike in Malaysia

Nazi Party's head of the secret chancellory Martin Bormann who reports directly to Hitler on racial matters in the Third Reich. Doubt as a back door boy, Bormann acts on behalf of Hitler matters related to organizing streets fights, demostrations against the Weimar Republic, secret assasinations on German-Jewish businessmen and community leaders. Just like Bormann, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, president of Perkasa - a radical Malay racist organization aim to advance the supremacist ideology of the Malays, acts as a back door boy for Umno president Datuk Najib Razak in organizing racist activities and programmes which are deemed unsuitable in Umno in order not to offend Umno's coalition partners, the Chinese MCA, the Indian MIC and the multiracial parties PPP and Gerakan.
Henrich Himmler is the head of the German police force under Hitler's administration where he controlled the entire force range from the uniformed police right up to the secret police, like the Gestapo, SS, SD, Kripo, RSHA and other Nazi security organs. Tan Sri Musa Hasan is currently the Inspector-General of Police who overseas the entire sections in the Royal Malaysian Police which compirise the regular police, the intelligence section called special branch, the marine police and a section overseas the security and public order of the nation that reports directly to the Umno president Datuk Najib Razak.
Josef Gobbels is Germany's Minister of Propaganda & Public Enlightenment responsible of overseeing various communication and cultural sectors in the country. Besides, Gobbels was also in charge of the Nazification of the entire government administration in the Third Reich. Datuk Rais bin Yatim is currently the Minister of Information, Communication and Cultural overseeing Malaysia's radio and telecommunication sectors, multimedia commission and the control over the country's cultural activities and programmes to ensure its adherence to the supremacist policies of the government.
Wilhelm Frick was Germany's Minister of Interior in charge of the internal security and public order of the nation, while Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein is currently Malaysia's Home Affairs Minister overseeing the internal security matters in the country as well as various security intelligence apparatus within the ministry.
Reichmarshal Herman Goering was Germany's War Minister & Air Force Minister under Hitler's administration. His control over the German air force intelligence made him the second most powerful security man after Himmler who held the country's regular police and secret police apparatus as his own. Like Himmler, the air force intelligence was Goering's own secret policing organization. Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is Malaysia's Defense Minister who overseas the country's armed forces as well as the respective intelligence apparatus in the army, air force and the navy. Doubt as equally powerful as Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein who controls the Home Affairs Ministry.


More Sweet Darkness said...

Then, what are u?? A german citizen??
Get a life man,.. Rather than making a comparison in politic, why don't you do any research or comparing the Freemason and the real life such as sign, logo, fashion. Politics, is for us, Malaysian here rite, but this anti-satanic teaching is for worldwide,.. I can see you politically active, but can you go on research something that is global, all people can accept and listen, without any border of politics, races and so on. Do you have any loses if you don't join politic? Do you think by writing politic will make a change for you?
Yes, indeed, they make you feel satisfied. Peace.

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Colleen said...

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