Thursday, January 21, 2010

Police roadblock at the Penang Bridge. Who was the idiot incharge?

I had just returned from my office in Penang after a day's work and while on my way back at the Penang Bridge, a massive traffic jam was underway, from the middle path right to the entrance leading into the Prai Industrial Estate in the mainland. I was one of the unfortunate motorist caught in the massive jam which began from 7.00pm.

As what the other motorist had thought, maybe it was an accident on the road at the bridge and so we dragged on slowly and patiently through the journey.

To our very grave disappointment, we found that it was the police who caused all those massive traffic jams from the middle of the bridge right down to the road leading into Prai. They blocked two of the three lanes at the end of bridge leading to Prai and as the result the motorist have to squeeze into the one lane and this is what makes the jam into a tragically terrible one.

What I saw when I saw the police personnel manning the roadblocks were talking and laughing like as it they are poking some jokes and funs on the motorist who are suffering from their roadblocks.

Come on, it is a peak hour for those who had just finish their day's job and work. All of us are surely exhausted and wanted to head straight home to take our baths, have our dinners and take our rest together with our families. But today, the police had sabotaged ruin our lives in order by making things from bad to worst?

What if there is an emergency in the middle of the bridge? What if there is somebody on the bridge who needed medication or who is in the midst to attend to an appointment, sitting for and exam, getting something done in accordance to the law and so on?

Don't they have other important matters to tend to, other than manning roadblocks in order to create a massive traffic jam? The police said they do not have enough personnel to ensure the security and safety of the churches from being bombed by extremists and terrorists, but they mobilized a sizeable battalion of personnel just to mann a roadblock and just laugh off at us like that. This ain't funny at all. The police are violating our basic human rights in this way.

The crime rate is increasing day by day, robberies, rapes, snatch thieves, mat rempits, cow-headed trouble makers, etc are everywhere and the police did nothing to stop all these crooks. What they did so far? Focusing on political security in order to protect Umno from the oppositions?

I just wonder who was that idiotic police officer in charge who organized such a stupid and senseless block on the bridge? Is he out to gain some credit from his boss or what?

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