Monday, January 4, 2010

Dr Asri says Muslims should not object if ‘Allah’ is refer to God

Influential Islamic scholar Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin stepped into the “Allah” controversy today by pointing out that Muslims should not protest against non-Muslims using the word "Allah” to describe God.

"Man should refer to the one true God as Allah. This proves the teachings of Islam in referring to God as Allah. Therefore all of mankind regardless of their religion should say that Allah has created the world, that Allah tells us to do good and so on.

It is good that Dr Mohd Asri took the initiative to explain the situation following the continuous manipulation of certain parties especially Umno to make the situation worst.

Right now, pro-Umno non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are making a hell of noise all over the country by acting radically and behaved violently in the streets, threatening non-Muslims with their so-called "ketuanan" jargons.

These actions are deemed uncivilised and inhuman. No religion will teach nor encourage their followers to act in such an unacceptable manner.

Respect the feelings of your fellow Malaysians, please!

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