Friday, October 31, 2008

Why so much fuss on multi-lingual road signs?

First of all, let us all ask the Umno leaders, why are they making so much fuss over a plan by the Penang state government to implement multi-lingual road signs in the state? What is wrong with their brains or are they suffering from mentality disorder?

What make these Umno leaders think that those measures initiated by the Penang state government to promote and enhance their tourism activities to international vacationers are against the Federal Constitution?

Penang Chief Minister cum DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng and State Executive Councilor for Tourism cum State DAP Secretary Danny Law had repeatedly told the public and the press that those road signs in Malay Language will remain. Names in Chinese, English, Jawi or possible Indian languages are merely additional applications that are to be added to supplement the existing ones.

So, why are the Umno leaders keep on mentioning that the DAP led state government is going to do away with the Malay language road signs? These Umno leaders had nothing good to do at all but only know how to incite racial tensions and hatred so that they could gain some political mileage out of it.

The Penang state government is doing their very best to promote tourism by enhancing certain historical spots to make it known internationally but these Umno leaders are all out to sabotage the efforts by inciting racial tensions and hatred regards on doing away with the Malay language road signs and so on.

We simply do not understand why are all these Umno leaders so fond of hate, hate and nothing else but only hatred in their mind. They are always keeping on with their old supremacist racial jargons in order to drum up anger, gain cheap publicity and support.

Come on, this is Tourism and Economy ! Why bring up racial issues and create tensions?

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