Friday, October 24, 2008

Utusan Malaysia & Datuk Chamil, another bunch of political animals

Utusan Malaysia should be condenmed and a boycotted for its recent publication that was cordoned to terrorism and violence.

As such, we urge all parties, readers and all peace loving people to act against Utusan Malaysia by boycotting its papers and magazines starting from today.

The short story written by Datuk Chamil Wariya titled "Politik Baru YB J" based on a woman member of parliament who has been murdered had caused public outcry due to its contents which has been seen as encouraging violence against women and promoting terrorism as well.

We must not allow such people or organisation to continue its campaign of terror and violence. Let us show them we are serious and these must be stopped. Reject these uncivilised and political animals from our peace loving community.

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