Saturday, October 11, 2008

IPCMC gone to the grave, here comes SCC

Well, we have heard of Pak Lah's final plans prior to his retirement next March. Looks like the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commision (IPCMC) isn't going to come into realiti as the Special Complaints Commission (SCC) is expected to be the core subject in one of Pak Lah's final plans.

Is Pak Lah bowing to the pressure from the police force? Why wasn't he and the BN government fulfilling the real promises made during after the 8 March general elections? Has the police force improve its services to the public? Has the crime rate decrease? The answer is a big "No". None of these had improve nor the policing system itself. The crime rate had increased drastically ever since.

The mechanism of the SCC would be too general as it will not fully focus on the improvement of the police force itself but a number of enforcement agencies as well.

So, when is the Barisan Nasional government going to be serious in its crime prevention efforts?

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ViktorWong( Editor) /Richard (Chinese Translator) said...

It is a usual thing. Pak Lah had lied to all of us so many times. So, he will continue to lie to us till March, then Najib will continue the lie legacy after all.

There is no C.A.T. at all in the BN.