Monday, November 16, 2009

'BN to win elections? Go test it in Perak'

The Najib factor would allow BN to fare better than the last general election if the 13th general election is held today, according to pro-Umno Merdeka Centre.

In that case we want to inform Najib and the director of Merdeka Centre (who should also advise Najib) then dissolve the Perak state assembly and hold fresh elections in the state. It will be a perfect chance to evaluate your so-called "excellent, visionary leadership".

The problem is Umno did not have enough guts to dissolve the Perak state assembly now to hold a fresh elections because they fear of their repeat lost in the last general elections and the exposure of their mismanagement of the state resources of their previous governance.

They had heard, seen and watched what happened to Selangor Umno and Khir Toyo who mishandled the entire state to their lust and they did not want their wrongdoings to be uprooted by the Pakatan Rakyat. That is why the Perak Umno Rebel State Government continued their illegal administration instead. They cowardly hid behind the back of the state ruler, by saying that they followed the ruler's advice, instruction and so on.

And when we say Umno is wrong, these Umno leaders will say those who said the party was wrong committed treason as the ruler had given its blessings to the party. Where is the prove that the ruler had given his consent to Umno to seize power in the state? We did not see it. It was hel behind close doors and anything can happen at all times.

Do not support Umno anymore, they are ruin the entire nation into chaos without our knowledge and we were to realise it, then it will be too late to save our nation.

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