Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Press banned from reporting Isa’s suspension

We were deliberately shock in disgrace to hear that the Chinese dailies had been instructed by the Home Ministry not to report on Tan Sri Isa Samad’s suspension from Umno ahead of the Bagan Pinang by-election.

What is this all about? Talking about "1Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan", and then doing some other things negatively from behind scene. This anti-democratic moves by the Home Ministry is clearly a violation of human rights, democratic principles and freedom of expression.

What if those Chinese dailies ignore the ban and choose to continue reporting on Isa Samad’s previous suspension from Umno due to money politics and corruptions in the party? Is the Home Ministry going to close down the press or what? Can anyone from the "police ministry" answer this please?

Talking in general, how on earth a tainted and corrupted leader be chosen to be a candidate for a by-election? If you give bribe to a civil servant to work on you favor or to gain something, you will be charge in the court of law and jailed.

And this former Negri Sembilan mentri besar had openly offered money to bribe the party delegates into electing him as party vice president and yet he was only suspended from Umno and not charged in the court of law.

That means, Umno is telling the people that this country had two sets of law where one applies only to Umno leaders while the other is for common people like us.

Therefore, by voting Umno’s Isa Samad into power again would mean voting to validate corruption, power abuses and money politics. These three negative elements will certainly destroy our nation’s prosperity and growth if Umno is allowed to continue to reign our nation.

Think seriously about it please!

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