Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zaid, take a break and refocus your efforts

By Aloysius Pinto

Zaid should take a break from party politics and focus on developing the necessary tools and mechanisms to put in place a shadow cabinet based on the Pakatan Rakyat policy framework.

It should provide guidelines and directions on how to develop the various policies, directions and action plans for all the different areas highlighted in the framework.

The numerous offers of expertise by civil society, which includes NGOs, professionals, academicians and concerned citizens should be tapped to form the shadow cabinet.

It is not important at this time to identify the shadow cabinet ministers. He must harness the discontent of civil society to come up with action plans to deliver election promises.

Zaid is the appropriate person to lead, organise and moderate the various sessions that needs to be organised for shadow cabinet ministries. If Zaid is not doing this, who else?

Yes, Zaid should take a break from party politics and just focus on bringing the various stakeholders through forums, seminars, dialogues and even a convention.

Enormous talents are willing to provide their expertise so that Pakatan not only retains control of the four states, but also instil confidence in the rakyat that it is ready for Putrajaya.

Otherwise Zaid, don’t bother about party politics at all.

There are already too many politicians around. In fact, more than necessary, that’s why the jostling for positions!

Be a statesman Zaid and lead this work that needs to be done to prepare Pakatan to govern the nation.


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