Thursday, May 27, 2010

MIC rebel against Samy

Aiyoyo Samy, only now did the MIC leaders and members realized that their party president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu who was defeated in the last general election was a mere Umno tool.

Only now did the MIC leaders and member realized that Samy Vellu had all these years made use of the party for his political and self interest.

We really feel sorry for the conditions in the MIC. After decades and years of Samy's firm grip over the party organization and after Samy's fist had firmly control the party, only did the members today realized his dictatorship is going to destroy the party.

You know why, this is because one after another party leader who went against Samy the president got the sack immediately after they made their statement publicly calling him to leave the party presidency soonest.

Well, they didn't realize that Samy as the party president got the dictatorial presidential powers to outdo the central committee and sack anyone at his own discretion. What a disgusting chapter in the party.

MIC now exist only in name. It no longer enjoy the support from the Indian community like what it has been 50 years ago. MIC today only exist just because of Umno. Umno wanted to make use of MIC in order to dress the Barisan Naisonal (BN) coalition as a multiracial organization but in actual fact it is not.

In the BN coalition, Umno calls all the shots. Its coalition partners, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBS, LDP, PRS, SPDP, Upko, PBB and SUPP are mere puppets in the Umno dominated coalition. Umno dictates and make all the decisions for and on behalf of the coalition.

Only now did the MIC leaders and members realized how irrelevant their party is with Samy Vellu at helm. An when the rebellion began to spread to the entire party machinery, the Samy Vellu faction started to point their fingers at their political master Umno who in turn called them "biadap".

What had Samy Vellu's MIC done for the Malaysian Indian community? Nothing, nothing at all. The majority in the community is getting poorer and frustrated, while those rich MIC leaders had established themselves far away from the community and made themselves "Bangsawan India".

Will MIC ever survive the current leadership crisis this time?

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