Sunday, April 11, 2010

MIC's Mugilan top Umno choice for Hulu Selangor by election

MIC Youth deputy leader V. Mugilan is the top Umno choice as Barisan Nasional candidate for Hulu Selangor over his political mentor and party deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel.

Besides, Mugilan's faction in the MIC is also said to be working hand in hand with Umno in order to get the latter's assistance in lobbying at the top BN leadership level, thus sidelining the MIC deputy president Palanivel.

It looks like Palanivel himself often seen as a Samy Vellu shadow had been irrelevant within MIC itself. However, Palanivel is not giving up so easily. His faction who is closely aligned with Samy is quick to sought the party central committee's help to pressure the BN top leaders to move Mugilan aside to pave way for the MIC deputy president.

The factional lobbying ad infighting in the MIC between the pro-Umno and the pro-Samy ones are intensifying as the nomination day approaches.

What is Najib's choice now? An MIC top leader or its youth leader? What if Najib selects the MIC youth leader, thus, hurting the MIC leadership and what if Najib selects the MIC top leader instead and its youth leader decides to rebel in the party? And then Samy takes this opportunity to sack him?

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