Monday, December 28, 2009

DAP MP raps Umno cops for ‘intimidating’ critics

DAP Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong today lambasted the police for using laws such as the Sedition Act and the Communications and Multimedia Act in an effort to quell dissenting views expressed by the public.

Citing DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng's recent case where he is being investigated under the Sedition Act as an example, Liew said the police action was "deplorable".

"Police investigations of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over his statement on the death of Teoh Beng Hock and the subsequent police action to interrogate DAP Selangor chairman and Selangor State Exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah over his statement on the probe on Guan Eng are most deplorable," said the Bukit Bendera MP in a statement.

The police force which has been seen as influenced and directed by Umno is threatening the democratic process of our nation and if they left unchecked could lead to the establishment of an Umno dictatorship and a police state in near future.

Is it wrong for Guan Eng and Ean Yong to express their wish to bring justice to Beng Hock? Is it wrong for Guan Eng and Ean Yong to support the call to expedite on Beng Hock's death at the Selangor MACC headquarters? Is the police helping MACC to cover-up the murder by trying to delay the investigation and magistrate's inquest?

In this case, we wish to repeat our call to have the Independent Police Complaints and Misconducts Commission (IPCMC) established as soon as possible in order to curb the power abuses and mismanagement in the police force.

If IPCMC cannot reform the police force, we suggest Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to be dissolved and replace with a new entity call Public Security Force (PSF).

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